Family! Friends! People of some yet-undetermined relationship!

Welcome to the first post of the blog that’s going to chart the glorious adventures of both Alanna and Sam as they putter around the globe.

Today’s post will be written by Alanna, since Sam is currently enjoying all the employment opportunities that Kingston, ON has to offer, and is therefore unable to comment on the goings-on in New York. In any case, the trip started off with a bit of rainy weather not unlike that which was plaguing Toronto upon my departure (Vancouver, I notice, was scheduled to be sunny and in the thirties all week — what the hell?). In any case, New York wears the rain very well:

And in other good news, the weather gave me an excuse to go shopping for that journal I hadn’t had time to purchase before leaving. After scouring through every book, stationery, and school supplies store from 18th St. to 204th. St, I’m pleased to report that the international retailer Borders had the most surprising selection:

looks like somebody went bankrupt without the internet telling me

Never fear, I managed to treat myself to a Moleskine elsewhere. Despite the rain, My hosts Sky and Al optimistically accessorized themselves in the latest summer fashions:

what a coupl’a goofballs.

And today the weather really cleared up, dressing New York in her finest flora and architecture. Walked around by myself for a large part of the day, just enjoying the sun and the usual bustle of the streets.

the ginkgo trees starting to change

The number one way you can tell I’m from elsewhere is by the way I’m constantly staring up into space, practically in raptures about the architectural design & detailing on the fire escapes and the cornices — it tends to put me in the way of people hastening to get to work, yappy dogs (and children) running underfoot, and the occasional open manhole.

Anyway, I’m doing well so far, and off to the west coast Saturday morning (with a very brief stopover at Pearson if you want to come wave at me as I sprint from one end of the gates to the other). Hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of fall (and, for some of you, school). Please keep in touch.

From New York with love,



4 thoughts on “YYZ-LGA

  1. Sam Wilson says:

    Glad things are going well! Hopefully the weather holds up for you in Vancouver.

  2. Dadaa says:

    I’m old. Does this thing work?

  3. Dadaa says:

    I’m kidding – of course this works!
    Hi Hon. Hi Sam. Cheers Sky and Al. Lookin’ good (as is NYC).

    FYI; currently sitting , listening to blues band in my new Kingsway ‘hood. Some kids named Fraser Melvin and Alex Furlott. They ain’t bad.

    May you get weather as perfect as today’s in all provinces/states going forward. Sorry you spent much of it inside Pearson.

  4. Sky Pape says:

    I take that “goofball” as a compliment.

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