Yuyuan Gardens

I have finally begun my leg of the trip! I left for Shanghai last Monday morning, and got here Tuesday evening local time. It was a long trip to say the least. To put it in perspective, the 7 month old baby sitting directly beside for the 14 hours it took to get from Detroit to Shanghai was the least of my problems. It was the baby’s mother who spilled her coffee on me within the first hour and a half of the flight, and tried to pretend like it didnt happen, that made it really interesting. But, I made it and I have had a fantastic few days here.

A side note- I havent quite figured out punctuation on this computer yet, so bear with me.

Shanghai at dusk

Im staying with some family friends here who have treated me like royalty. We have spent the last few days seeing as much of Shanghai as possible, and I think we have covered some good ground. I came to Shanghai knowing almost nothing about the city, and I feel like I know a little bit more than nothing now. It really is a city of polar opposites. For everything it has, it also has its exact opposite. Julie and I had a meal that cost the equivalent of $2 for the both of us, while at the same time you can go find restaurants that give expensive restaurants in Toronto a run for their money. Shanghai can look like a city from the future, while at the same time looking like a city from the past. Its a very interesting place.

Buddha statue at the Shanghai Museum

Water town boat tour

Of course I had to go

Pudong at dusk. 30 years ago, this whole area was not developed at all. Its come a long way...View at nightMy wonderful hosts

Ive taken an oppressive amount of pictures so far, so these are just a few. As you can probably tell, I havent exactly been roughing yet. Its been a very civilized week of eating well, and doing loads of sight seeing. And in a city of 20 million, there is no shortage of things to see. Shanghai was a last minute addition to my itinerary, but one that Im very glad I made. It was the perfect way to start my trip.

Tomorrow Im off to Bangkok to meet up with Alanna! Ive been following her travels for a month now through this blog, and now we finally meet up to tackle South East Asia. Stay tuned for updates on our adventures there.

Hope all is well back in Canada,



3 thoughts on “Shanghai

  1. Lorna Day says:

    What wonderful pictures! its good to put Toronto in its place, globally speaking. I assume you fully reviewed all the local Urban Planning issues? Keep on posting. Hope all goes well meeting up with Alanna.

  2. Jordan says:

    More dead ferret pictures please!

  3. Deborah Porte says:

    Love that you saw my favorite things in Shanghai..the old juxtaposed against the new! Glad it was a great time and a good experience….although it was fabulous…be prepared for it to get even better-just in different ways! Enjoy BBK and keep the posts coming. Safe travels Sam!

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