The final roundup, part two

From Melbourne, I took a couple of days to travel along the Great Ocean Road to the Grampians. The coastline was absolutely incredible, as was the hike I took in Hall’s Gap upon my arrival in the Grampians. Instead of prattling on about it, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Surf Coast, footprints on Bells Beach

at the Twelve Apostles

fun fact! there were actually only ever nine formations, not twelve, but the Australians had a bit of trouble counting that high

Julia, Andrea, and Emse, and me at Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge

formerly known as London Bridge before the connection to the mainland collapsed

sunrise in the Grampians, Hall's Gap

grampians thryptomene

Lovely trip.

Anyway, after leaving Melbourne, I travelled up along the east coast to Port Douglas, where I stayed with Alex at the Sheraton up there. We had an amazing time feasting on freshly caught oysters and calamari and prawns, and partaking in the local pub passtime: cane toad racing.

The most amazing thing, though, was that we took a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and went snorkelling, by far the most incredible part of the whole trip!

incredibly sexy stinger-protection suits

sunning on the deck

After Port Douglas, I flew to Brisbane and camped out there for the night before hopping on a bus to Hervey Bay to take a tour on Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. The landscape there is unbelievably diverse, ranging from rainforests to freshwater lakes, peat swamps to sand dunes, and woodland to coastal heaths. We spotted dingoes, whales, stingrays, two pythons, and even a manatee from the island! A manatee, seriously.

the Maheno shipwreck

rust patterns on the Maheno

at the Pinnacles

the Pinnacles

incredible molluscs and barnacles at the Champagne Pools

barnacle bouquets

My friends Lucy and Jeremy at the edge of the world on Indian's Head

Absolutely terrified of falling to my death. Had to pop a valium just to take this photograph. Just kidding, family! Promise not to abuse over-the-counter drugs until at LEAST Vietnam.

Anyway, I’m back in Sydney now, at the Howell’s again where there are lovely people and glorious showers with pressure and hot water. Today is simultaneously laundry day and the Day of Getting Rid of and/or Mailing Home All my Superfluous Clothing (read: most of my backpack).

Miss you all and hope you’re well!

From Sydney with love,



One thought on “The final roundup, part two

  1. Joan Moses says:

    Dear Alanna,
    We are all concerned that you and Sam have gone ahead with your plans to meet in Bangkok today in time for the arrival of the worst flooding in a century in that city. We have no idea if the airport is on high land or even open and if there are safe places to stay. Considering the situation and the likelihood of disease, it might be better to move on as quickly as possible. Do let us know what is happening and how you are manageing ASAP. Love, Nanny

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