a blue city to cure the blues


We need to talk about Bundi.

Or perhaps we do not need to talk. Let me show you:

the stepwell in Bundi dreams of Escher

the palace in Bundi fills you with hope

the people in Bundi know the value of cobalt

the lake in Bundi is clear as noon

the mirrors in Bundi dress themselves in patina

even the laundry in Bundi is beautiful

the ceilings in Bundi can speak for themselves

the tourists in Bundi carry sticks for protection against monkeys, and wear smiles just because

the cornices in Bundi take their good looks for granted

the elephants in Bundi descend from a family of royal octopuses

the trees in Bundi love a good backdrop

the horizons in Bundi look like this every day.


Couldn’t have had a better day here.

From Bundi with love,



6 thoughts on “a blue city to cure the blues

  1. Dadaa says:

    Irving Berlin sang this lovely refrain:
    “Without my walking stick I’d go insane.”
    But can blues sing, in a similar vein,
    The cry “En garde – I can a monkey brain!”

  2. Dadaa says:

    Who really should occupy Wall and street?

    Why not those “octopi” with seven feet?

  3. Court says:

    IS that one of your Indian outfits? You look adorable! Glad to hear you had such a good day!

  4. Elsa says:

    Alanna, you bring back lots of memories of “our” India — but I think that you will be far surpassing what we did before too long! Your notes on Delhi were familiar to us. We did not get to Bundi — don’t even know where it is. It looks magnificent. And you look wonderful — wooden stick and all!!!

    All I can say is that please keep these blogs coming…and continue to enjoy your self!!!

    Elsa and Percy.

  5. Lorna says:

    Elephants and latticework,
    cobalt blue and stairs.
    Your wonderful portraits of Bundi
    have made me more awares!


  6. Dan Roitner says:

    Your Dad finally forwarded me your travel blog, awesome pix dear. I am sure you are having great fun. It sure is a big world! Will show to others…

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