Cruising in the Moroccomobile

Dearest Motorists and Moochers,

You should probably know that Aisha, Nyman, Sam, and I went on a road trip. And the road trip was in Morocco. Now, I don’t want you to writhe in the clutches of envy or anything, but there were some pretty excellent snacks in the car. Oh, and the views were okay too:

Aisha and me at our first photo stop

the combination of boys and boulders is a beautiful thing.

clear skies! mountains! perilous, fog-and-cloud-ridden pass in the background! what's not to be thrilled about?

the ever-handsome Sam looking confident just before entering the Tizi N' Test pass.

First thing is first: Aisha, you are a navigational (and just all-around) goddess — without you, we would never have made it out of Marrakech.

And for those of you at home who thought that Sam was nothing more than a pretty pair of eyes an an expertly-trimmed gingerbeard, you should be warned that he is a carbon-and-steel-cowboy to be reckoned with. On our first day, no less, he cruised us safely through the Tizi n’ Test pass. I was reading the Lonely Planet description to everyone as we were approaching the pass:

“with white knuckles and gritted teeth, you’ll have to admire the route to Taroudannt as it winds through the High Atlas, careens over the Tizi N’ Test at 2092m, then swoops down onto to the Souss plain. As if the road weren’t enough of an adventure, the weather is subject to sudden changes. Heavy clouds and mist often cut visibility to near zero at the top of the pass, and you might find your way blocked by snow in winter.”

–Needless to say, after the word ‘adventure,’ I announced and the weather there is mysteriously always sunny and clear, the road is expertly paved, and, really, at the end of the day, no danger is involved while crossing this extremely average pass, which is actually kind of boring to drive through.

In any case, thanks to Sam “Where is my Chauffeur Cap” Wilson, we made it through alive and well, suffering only minor carpal tunnel injuries from gripping the door handles so forcefully.

the 'view' from the pass

Other road trip highlights included: seeing goats in trees (photographic proof below); our day trip to Legzira beach; a gorgeous dinner in the seaside town of Sidi Ifni which involved camel steak and several bottles of Morocco’s finest (i.e. only) red; the many, many incredible valleys on the drive; and a stop in Essaouira on the way home, to find that the wind had finally died down, the weather was gorgeous, and nothing could have been better than sipping on iced tea in sombreros — everyone, even Nyman, was very happy.

People, there are GOATS. IN. TREES. here. I cannot stress this enough.

the lovely Legzira beach

the only thing that could make Legzira even lovelier was the addition of our gorgeous selves, of course.

sunset over Sidi Ifni

you know, just your average view.

No Big Deal Valley

iced tea just isn't iced tea without a sombrero

Anyway, so that just about sums it up. Just pretend that you’re in a Dacia that you’ve named the White Knight, the windows are rolled down, “On the Road Again” is actually playing from the speakers, Sam is drumming his fingers against the steering wheel, Nyman is napping with his mouth slightly open, Aisha’s got the map out and is ready to navigate us to the ends of the earth if necessary, and the sun is warm on your face as you’re driven across one of the most diverse, incredible landscapes you have ever seen. Oh, and I’m sitting on your right, hogging all the snacks. Would you like a cookie?

From Morocco with love,



7 thoughts on “Cruising in the Moroccomobile

  1. Sky Pape says:

    Yes, I am contorted with travel-envy, but nonetheless thank you for introducing us to the strange and wonderful world where there are goats in trees. Who knew?

    It’s going to be a tall order to top this birthday, but if anyone can do it, you can!

    Yours, with embarrassing heaps of gushy emotion & superlative b-day wishes,

  2. Elsa says:

    As usual we were excited to hear from you — and I’m already planning a trip to Morocco based on your descriptions!!!!

    You are doing fantastic things — am waiting impatiently to read your book!! (You will be writing one, won’t you?)

    Sitting by my computer waiting for the next adventure!!!

    Elsa and Percy.

  3. Dadaa says:

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    You might of ate monkey,
    And now camel, too.

    Happy birthday to me.
    Happy birthday to me.
    Hey, look – today’s dinner
    Is up in that tree.

  4. Dadaa says:

    Oh – and nice Tintin, Cap’n.

  5. Aunt Marta says:

    Dearest Alanna,

    Just catching up on my email, ergo your latest blog… So glad you’re having a wonderful time today. Happy Birthday, and best wishes for more exiting and fulfilling adventures in the year ahead!

    Please know that I think of you often, and I’m in complete awe, not only of your travel descriptions, but of your thought-provoking and entertaining writing style. Amazing pics too! You definitely have great talent – can’t wait to read what’s next!

    Yours, with loads of love and kisses,

    Aunt Marta

    PS – Happy Birthday and hugs from Matthew, and Austin too – drooling kisses! :-p

    PPS – Belated best birthday wishes to Sam. Thanks for being Alanna’s caring friend and travelling partner, and for filling this space with your own thoughts and experiences. While we’ve never met (hope to someday) it’s been great getting to know you here.


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