Canadaschmanada Goes South

Despite having had an amazing trip last year, I have decided that last years adventures didn’t quite fully quench my thirst for travel. So, I am writing this post to you from Lima, Peru. I got here last night with two friends of mine, Julia and Alex. We have only very lose plans as of right now, but the plan is roughly to be down here for three months. We’ll likely be in Peru for a month, and then head down into Chile. So if you care to follow along on our adventures, subscribe to this blog, and I’ll post some stories and pictures from time to time.

In the meantime, I have to give myself a crash course in Spanish.

From Lima with Love,



3 thoughts on “Canadaschmanada Goes South

  1. Margery Friedlander says:

    I am Illana’s great aunt and loved following your travels last year. I am delighted to be included in the canadaschmanada-goes-south link.
    Happy travels and experiences.
    Margery Friedlander

  2. Repeat after me: “Dos cervesas por favor”

  3. Carrie says:

    Hi Sam,
    A wonderful woman I know works in Peru at LUTW (Light Up The World) which is an international non-profit organization that promotes renewable energy and high-efficiency lighting. Her name is Ada Yee.
    She’s from Toronto and has been living there for a few years after doing a stint in the Congo with Doctors without borders.
    Totally adventurous and well traveled. Give her a shout and maybe there is a chance you connect. If you do, please say hello to her for me.

    Safe travels!

    From Alanna’s Aunt, Carrie Lipson

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