About us!

This blog belongs to and is written by Sam Wilson and Alanna Lipson, two candid Canucks who’ve chosen to backpack across the globe for a year. Our travel philosophy is to do laundry at least once every two weeks, try all the street food we can get our hands on, and avoid spending more than four dollars a night on accommodation. No, seriously.

If you want to reach us with feedback, you can either comment directly on the blog, or email us at samwilson9@gmail.com or lipson.alanna@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping in, eh!


3 thoughts on “About us!

  1. Lenore Solway says:

    Dear Alanna,
    Elsa gave me your blog address (hope you don’t mind) and I have read every word you have written since the beginning of your amazing adventure. Your pictures are wonderful and you are very photogenic!
    I saw your Grandma Joan at a book review two weeks ago and I told her that I was following your trip. I also told Florence that I have enjoyed your commentary and am very impressed with your writing skills.Were you an English major?
    Your friend Sam is very handsome in the last picture you took of him “standing on top of the world”.
    What an experience you are having! Keep enjoying them.
    Looking forward to your next blog.
    Lenore Solway

  2. Lenore,

    Thank you so much for the kind feedback! The blog is not only mine but Sam’s as well, and we share the writing and the photography, so if you’re enjoying what you see and read, we’re absolutely flattered. The trip has been unbelievable so far, and will no doubt continue to be so. Thanks again for your lovely note!

    All the best,
    (p.s. Yes, I was an English major — glad to see it’s gone to at least some good use.)

  3. Galen Watts says:

    Just finished reading your latest blog and am finally caught up on the trip! Right now I am caught between a deep jealousy of and extreme joy for both of you. Its a bit much to handle. haha. But honestly, I love the entries and photos you guys have been posting. Not only do we get to see what you’re up to, but Its actually really informative and useful for us soon-to-be travelers. Not to mention beautifully written passages and descriptions that are essential to a good travel blog…all in all, lovin’ it! Anyway, hope you both stay well and healthy and the trip continues to be as wonderful as it seems it has been thus far.
    Keep em’ comin. love from reality.

    G xo

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